Corien Heersema

20 May 1931

Peize, The Netherlands

As I was born in the early thirty’s and raised in a rural environment in the northern part of Holland, I experienced life in a natural and simple way.

Love for art and painting came to me on a very young age because my grand dad was a painter and made music. Moreover, he enjoyed life to the fullest and was a great example to me.

My current place of residence is Heemskerk. The maritime climate, the madness of the sea in all its violence, the lightness of the air, the clouds are currently my strongest sources of inspiration.

In my search to cause and effect, I discovered that art and literature are the most important means for me in opening up and in communicating with other souls.

My interest in how to express myself through painting is various: drawing, watercolor, mixed techniques; all of these I practice with the aim to inspire others to have joy in the spiritual experience that art can be.

My interest for literature I express through reading, following classes and workshops.

All of this resulted in organizing workshops for painting and in the creation of a writing group named Evocatief.

My latest work is exhibited in October at Gallery Trevisan Arte, Castello ‘d Estense in Ferrara, Italy.

    T    +31 251 820 678